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ARAD is an important industrial centre and transportation hub at Romania’s Western gateway. Arad owns the most extensive network of tramway lines in Romania compared to the urban area (171 km) and the longest urban network of cycling lanes in the country (135 km), with one of the highest rates of bicycle use nationally.

The city has been experiencing significant growth in last-mile deliveries and seeks to identify solutions that can be utilised for ensuring sustainable growth in the coming years.

The city has particular interest in the GREEN-LOG solutions concerning the cooperation of logistics service providers for shared MCCs and multimodal deliveries, seeking to support the deployment of cargo bikes and set favourable policies towards that direction.

Arad has devised its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for 2021-2027 and post-2027 and its Integrated Urban Development Strategy for the same period. These plans will be revised with the results of GREEN-LOG, whereas the city will initiate the formulation of a Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan.

Arad will lead Task 4.8. Solutions transferability analysis for follower cities with the support of the other follower cities, Helsingborg and Valga, as well as Netcompany-Intrasoft and the University of the Aegean.


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