Following the remarkable expansion of e-commerce, estimated to grow 78% through 2023, the world is experiencing an unmatched increase in last-mile transportation. Due to this new e-commerce reality, metropolitan and peri-urban ecosystems are faced with many challenges, and courier services are under a lot of pressure to provide seamless service for more frequent home deliveries.

In this context, GREEN-LOG aims to accelerate the shift to sustainable and smart mobility in last-mile delivery as defined by the European Green Deal action plan, while building upon the recommendations of the European Environment Agency for first/last/only mile modes.

The GREEN-LOG concept is based on an integrated approach for bringing together city logistics ecosystems and supporting them to introduce innovative last-mile delivery solutions.

Given the considerable number of stakeholders and agencies with operational responsibilities, an integrated approach will add value by allowing last-mile delivery companies to coordinate operational and planning decisions and resources with city stakeholders and local businesses. This will, in turn, allow to address the needs of end customers at a city and regional scale, and sharerelevant technical knowledge.

Sustainable last-mile delivery interventions, including cargo bikes, can take different forms depending on the needs and characteristics of EU cities, and a coordinated approach is required for optimised combinations and coordinated deployment. GREEN-LOG develops and demonstrates solutions revolving across four main themes showcasing the cooperation of different actors at different levels.

A planning and decision support framework supports stakeholders to tailor solutions to their actual goals. Real-time decision support services coordination provide the means to continuously calibrate the road transport network while anticipating unforeseen events and optimising deliveries.

The GREEN-LOG concept is achieved by organising the workload into 6 axes:

• A1: Living Labs and Social Innovation

• A2: City Logistics Data Spaces

• A3: Solutions Planning and Orchestrated deployment

• A4: Connected Services and Real-time coordination

• A5: Demonstrations

• A6: Evolving Assessment toolkit and solutions transferability


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